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Individual Counseling

Offered for those struggling with life issues. Focused one-on-one counseling tailored specifically for you. Solution oriented.

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Couples Counseling

Using proven techniques to help couples overcome their biggest obtacles. Communication is often the #1 challenge in every relationship.

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Staying or Moving On

Having an educated 3rd party help you make the tough decisions about your relationship or marriage. 

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Counseling & Therapy in Littleton and Highlands Ranch, Colorado

I get it!  Life is simply hard sometimes, and each of us needs additional support and guidance to get us through our current dilemma.


Life catches all of us off guard, leaves us exposed, searching for resources to get through our newest, seemingly impossible challenge. These challenges often show up in our relationships with partners, children, parents, siblings, friends, or in our work environment. Sometimes, it is simply too much, and we need more than our current resources to meaningfully navigate life in a way that honors the very best of who we are.


I have lived long enough to know that life can let us all down. People can disappoint us and we can disappoint ourselves.  This is not what we had in mind when we started out long ago.  We dreamed of so much more and now we find ourselves at war within ourselves – or with others.
How did this happen . . . .
The finish line may be closer than you think.  Let’s work through the heartbreaks and hopes and return you to your best life.


The outcomes I have witnessed speak for themselvesCountless men, women, and couples have found their way back to the life they wanted over and over again.  The people whom I serve want and need guidance from a compassionate and competent ear, and that is what I have offered for over 20 years.


  • Dr. Bruce provided an opportunity to look at myself in the mirror and not find fault with myself. The amount of courage that I’ve learned about me has made me realize that I was not alone. I now have an opportunity to grow and move beyond that status quo. I highly recommend meeting with Dr. Bruce.

  • I feel inspired to be brave again. It’s not that I wasn’t brave before, but when it comes to really deeply emotional things, that’s a lot harder. Inspired me to be more brave and courageous and tap into those things that effect me on a deeper level. Thanks Dr. Bruce.

  • I have known Dr. Rumsey for over twenty years and I have referred family and freinds of mine to him to finde healing and hope over and over again. I cannot say enough about his skillful and thoughtful way of handling the most difficult issues individuals and couples face.

    Dr. Rumsey was instrumental in a huge life decision for me and has continued to support, coach, listen and mentor me through life. His transparency and humor make the ugliest of situations bearable.

    If you want honesty and integrity Dr. Rumsey is your man. He is worth every penny. Make the time and do this for you. You are worth it, your relationships and mental well being are worth it. I cannot say enough about him and his practice.

  • Dr. Bruce Rumsey has been a guiding light for not only my relationship, but in my professional career as well. His impeccable insight, process, demeanor, and experience is unparalleled to others … and it shows. I have found his honesty to be quite refreshing too. He’s super conveniently located for counseling in Littleton (in Old Town) which is great for me, and I would imagine easy for those who come from many different directions.

    TIPS: If you are looking to improve your relationship (or work to find that great one), Dr. Bruce Rumsey is for you. If you are looking to excel in your career or have challenges holding you back from being the best as an entrepreneur, Dr. Bruce Rumsey is for you. Good luck!

  • Bruce Rumsey is one of the best counselor and trainer I have met. His knowledge and counseling skills are outstanding. I highly recommend his services.

  • Bruce is one of the very best, if not the best, trainer, teacher, mentor, professor in the stae of Colorado. His counseling skills are even better. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone who is looking for top-level service.



To get started, the first step is to either call (303) 868.7246 or fill out the contact form. I will contact you for a brief phone conversation to better understand how I can serve you.

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Save Me From Divorce


  • “I’m really hurting right now.  What should I do?”
  • We can’t communicate with each other, and we need help or we’re in trouble.  Where should we turn for help?”
  • “I have so much anxiety and it’s getting the better of me.  How do I get this anxiety to go away?”
  • “I am really in a funk right now, and I don’t know how to get out of it.  What can I do to get out from under this dark cloud?”
  • “I am just lost!  I need help figuring out how to get on with my life.  Who can help me find my way?”
  • “I can’t decide whether to stay in this relationship or not.  How can I make this decision?”
  • “I just got blind-sided by (fill in your situation), and I have no clue what to do.  My world has been rocked!  How do I deal with this?”
  • “I am unsatisfied in my career and I need to make a change.  How do I go about doing that?”


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