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Couples Counseling Littleton & Highlands Ranch. I have over 25 years of experience successfully helping countless couples resolve communication, infidelity, addictions, parenting, blended family dynamics, and various other conflict resolution challenges. My Ph.D. emphasis is on the unique dynamics of Couples & Family.  Relationships can be beautiful and quite challenging – and there is hope in the most challenging situations. Proudly servicing families throughout Littleton and Highlands Ranch. 

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My Services

Perhaps you are in a relationship and you are asking yourself one or more of the following questions:

Relationship Advice

“I can’t decide whether to stay in this relationship or not.  How can I make this decision?”

Communication Tools

“We can’t communicate with each other, and we need help or we’re in trouble.  Where should we turn for help?”

Infertility / Affair

“There’s been an affair and we need help with how to handle it.  Who can help us through this?”


“One of us has an addiction and it’s hurting our relationship.  We need help sorting out what to do next.”

Anger Managment

“My partner has a temper and it’s pushing me away from the relationship.  How can I deal with this?  How can my partner get help?”

Verge of Divorce

“We are right on the edge of divorce, and we need to talk about whether to continue or end this relationship.  How do we make this decision?”

Strengthen Relationship

“We are doing pretty well, and we’d like to do even better in our relationship.  Are there tools to help make us even stronger as a couple?”

These are a small sample of the questions my clients have asked me through the years.  The answer is,  


I can help you or anyone else who is motivated to do the necessary work of getting unstuck from your current situation.

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