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Anxiety Counseling

I have over 25 years of experience helping individuals in Littleton and Highlands Ranch resolve anxiety that has gotten the best of them.  Alarm systems become over-active, and sound the alarms long past their usefulness.  My strategies are tried and true for helping people better regulate the emotions and alarms interrupting their peace of mind.


I have helped many others with sustainable strategies, and you are highly encouraged to see what we can make happen together.

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“I have so much anxiety and it’s getting the better of me.  How do I get this anxiety to go away?”

I have lived long enough to know that life can let us all down.  Our hopes are not realized.  People can disappoint us and we can disappoint ourselves.  This is not what we had in mind when we started out long ago.  We dreamed of so much more and now we find ourselves at war within ourselves – or with others.


How did this happen . . . .


The finish line may be closer than you think.  Let’s work through the heartbreaks and hopes and return you to your best life.

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