At Rumsey Consulting, LLC in Littleton, Colorado & South Denver, I work with individuals and couples to achieve better lives.

Over the course of my diverse clinical and academic career, I have created and integrated a 5-stage model of change, based upon the very best concepts of cognitive-behavioral  theory, exposure therapy, and systemic dynamics.  This model has provided needed direction to individuals and couples grappling with everything from anxiety to infidelity, and everything in between, including but not limited to addiction, depression, and communication challenges – and the outcomes speak for themselves.  

My Full Range of Counseling Services

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Countless men, women, and couples have found their way back to the life they wanted over and over again. The people whom I serve want and need guidance from a compassionate and competent ear, and that is what I have offered for over 20 years.

I provide professional counseling and consulting for individuals, couples, families and business groups.