Depression Counseling

I bring over 25 years of experience helping individuals resolve the depression or ‘irritable heart’ that has replaced their happiness.

I have helped countless individuals better understand the ache they are experiencing and find a way back to solid ground.

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Littleton Depression Counseling
Deep Pain

“I’m really hurting right now.  What should I do?”


“I am just lost!  I need help figuring out how to get on with my life.  Who can help me find my way?”


“I am really in a funk right now, and I don’t know how to get out of it.  What can I do to get out from under this dark cloud?”

Frustrated with Work

“I am unsatisfied in my career and I need to make a change.  How do I go about doing that?”

Here is my question to you:

“What type of support and guidance do you need right now?”

Here is the type of support and guidance my clients find in working with me:

I am compassionate, competent, and directional.

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